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Smart Lighting

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Streetlight Photocell Replacement that Provides Advanced Light Control and Utility Metering
Global Compatibility

Advanced light controller compatible with 360M+ streetlights worldwide, with tilt and vibration sensing.

Energy and Maintenance Savings

Dynamic dimming, programmable schedules, and ANSI 12.20 utility metering delivered at 99.9% accuracy.

Integrated Intelligence

Connection to 3rd party smart city sensors, WiFi & Bluetooth connectivity and beacons. Optional integrated public WiFi module.

Real Time Updates

For improved asset management, preventative maintenance and field service efficiencies. Includes Ubivu cloud management and reporting platform and direct access via comprehensive REST APIs.

Advanced Lighting

Streetlight photocell replacement that provides advanced light control, utility metering, tilt/vibration sensing, connections to Smart City sensors, public WiFi and location based services.

key technical specifications
  • PWM
  • Global GPS Compatibility
  • ANSI C12.20 Class 0.1 Utility Meter
  • High Accuracy Tilt & Vibration Sensor
  • WiFi/Bluetooth Connectvity & Beacons
  • 5/10 Year Warranty

Available Connectivity

  • LTE M1/NB1
  • LTE Cat-1
  • LoRa
  • WiSun & Lora Mesh